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Classwork - 30%

Assessments - 25%

Participation - 25%

Homework - 20%



Assessments - 50%

  •      Unit Exams/Quizzes

  •  Performance Tasks

  •  Projects

Classwork - 25%

  •  Attendance

  •  Participation

  •  Group Work/Peer Assistance 

 Homework - 25%




Listed below are a few tips to add to your child’s daily study routine to help ensure academic success.


  • Set up a study area NOT IN THEIR BEDROOM (usually there are too many distractions, video games, computers, and TV’s.)


  • Make sure that the study area is reasonably quiet and free from distractions.  Some parents prefer having their child work at the kitchen table as dinner is being prepared so that they are easily supervised and given help as needed.  Others prefer a similar area that is easily accessible.  If there are other children in the family, they may be included in this plan as well.

  •  Establish a reasonable amount of time for your child to do their homework or other study activities.  Specifically, record the time that they begin working and the time that they stop (provided they have accomplished all of their studying.)  The use of a timer may be helpful.  Keep this block of time in an effort to establish a routine in which your child studies everyday whether they have homework or not.  This helps keep the child from avoiding their study tasks by saying, “but I don’t have homework” in order to play video games, watch TV, or talk on the phone.  If they have to sit at the table to review, read, organize their notebooks, or study vocabulary, they will probably bring homework assignments home.

  • Check your child’s book bag and/or homework assignments daily and make sure that projects are worked on in small daily pieces.  Emphasize to your child that they are responsible for copying all homework assignments.  Make sure that all homework assignments are complete and correct. 


  • If your child is having difficulty completing homework assignments, please make an appointment to speak with your child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or Parent Coordinator.


  • You may also receive Homework assistance by calling Dial-a-Teacher at 212-777-3380.